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Flute Performance, CCM '20

Amy is an excellent teacher, she wonderfully creates an equally challenging and nurturing learning environment. I began flute lessons with Amy in high school, and studying with her was transformational to my musicianship and flute playing. Amy helped me develop my ear and flute technique, and helped me gain acceptance to my dream school for flute performance. Since then, she has helped me prepare for competitions and professional orchestra auditions, whatever you’re looking to accomplish, Amy can help you along the way!



High School Sophomore, Principal Flute CSYO

I cannot imagine a teacher better than Amy.  She has truly been the reason that I have gotten where I am now.  She took me in as a student in middle school, at a time when I had unsuccessfully auditioned for a large youth orchestra and was feeling completely unconfident about my abilities in flute.  From the very beginning, she was so determined to help me improve, and she put an incredible amount of effort into helping me succeed, with unwavering support and kindness.  After one year of studying with her, I was able to get a position in the Concert Orchestra of the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra and a year later in the CSYO Philharmonic, where I now serve as the Principal Flutist. With her continued guidance and encouragement, I found the bravery to enter and win competitions and continue moving up in the orchestra, acts which I would have been terrified to attempt after my initial rejection.  I am constantly inspired by her perseverance and talent, and her high standards make me want to continue improving and growing in my abilities.  She does not hesitate to offer her best advice on how to grow as a flutist.  The breadth of knowledge that I have gained from her lessons is priceless.  I am so thankful to have found my amazing teacher, Amy Taylor.


Thank you so much for everything!



BM, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, '18; New England Conservatory of Music, '20

Prof. Taylor taught me during my junior year at Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. It was a short but transforming year. She brought my awareness to soft playing, which has a remarkable influence on my future playing. As a teacher, she is knowledgeable, dedicated, and well-organized. She has unique ideas about every piece, and she is strict on fundamentals. In the lessons, she addressed my problems directly and gave suggestions to improve. After that, she would follow up with me to make sure I did everything right. Moreover, she is always willing to give extra help to her students. She offered extra lessons when I had a competition coming up, and she would discuss with me and put herself in my shoes when I was about to make big decisions. I highly recommend having her as a teacher. She’s everything you are looking for!

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